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Gays, geeks and superpowers. Well, that’s what this particular breed of gays wish they had. Following the sweeping phenomenon that has taken the world by storm with the release of Pokemon Go, I have taken it upon myself to find out what the fuss is all about with the help of an awesome LGBT gaming group called LDNGaymers.

For those who don’t know, LDNGaymers is a group of LGBTQI+ individuals who have banded together to offer a safe space with a zero tolerance for any form of attitude for fellow gay gamers (gaymers for short). They meet often and their events have been a resounding success! They currently have a residency at the Old School Yard where they deck out an especially geeky (think everything Marvel) pub with a variety of vintage and current generation consoles and projectors for the purpose of spending an entire evening gaming with other fellow gays. There is something for everyone and the joys of meeting new gaymers is one the most popular reasons to check them out!

Saif: So, LDNGaymers, could you tell us a bit more about what you would define as a gay geek and what makes them super?

LDNGaymers: Well, anybody can be a geek and there are a wide variety of geeks from gaming to anime or board game geeks. What makes you super is how invested you are into your geek genre. To infinity the gay super geek will go.

Saif: Do you define yourselves as gay super geeks?

(All get up and perform the various Power Ranger poses and accompanying battle cries)

Saif: (stunned) I will take that as a resounding yes. A lot of people hate labels and stereotypes. Why do you choose to label yourself as ‘gay super geeks?’

We like the label. It’s self deprecating and ironic. If you would want to label yourself, why call yourself a geek, who is usually the outcast on the social popularity scale? We also think giving yourself an identity which others can immediately understand or relate to also helps two parties open up to one another, if that makes sense.

Saif: That’s a great way of looking at it. Do you think there has been a rise in the gay super geek then?

We can say, with certainty, that the number of gay super geeks has risen steadily over the last two years. We think our numbers are going up like this because it’s become almost commonplace to just be into the fantasy world, thanks to comic book movies. Everything is a lot more accessible and mainstream, so it’s easier to invest into whatever your craft is.

Saif: If I asked you to visualise who you think the gay super geek was and who you think they are now, what would you see?

Before? We can only imagine a person who will have one set group of friends. These friends will, if that person is lucky, share the same interests but most of the time this will not be the case. London is especially bad for finding people who like what you do despite the healthy gay population we have. It can still be extremely difficult bonding over anything that does not involve drinking and partying.

Now? They’re everywhere, anyone, any age and any gender, if they do identify with one. From who we’ve met, we find it’s especially the gays in their twenties and early thirties who grew up with the Ataris and Segas but that may just be a birds of a feather thing.

Saif: Do you think that we will see more people come out as gay super geeks?

We think so. We think it’s becoming more acceptable to be into superheroes and escape into the realm of fantasy for a while, if you consider the constant reports of violence throughout the world.

This is especially true for LGBTQI+ people. It can be a rough ride if you’re one of us, and don’t we all know it. It’s not all doom and gloom though, we’ve spoken to a few of our members about why they love what they love and some just find it a wonderful creative outlet to let the imagination go wild.

Saif: So about the group, how did that happen?

It started off as a casual monthly meet-up between friends that we took turns hosting at our own homes. We just had so many people asking to come that we decided to find a space and do it there. This has since grown into a 50-person strong event with people from all sorts of backgrounds joining in on the fun.

There is also the aim of tackling homophobia in the gaming and general geek world by giving people a platform to speak from, if that makes sense. Regular and super gay geeks are both very welcome by the way!

Saif: Is this group just about gaming?

Not at all! We include every aspect of fantasy or fiction in our group. We just find gaming the best medium to bring everyone together as it’s usually the common denominator between every type of geek. You will find all of us discussing a wide range of topics such as Buffy to the politics of the Marvel-verse and you will even find most of us freaking out over the latest death in Game of Thrones. We are very diverse to the point that we also have an active division who are keen on physical activities, like bouncy castles and Laser Tag.

Saif: Do you think it’s important to be a part of something, like your group, that helps people connect? Has anyone’s life changed for the better since they joined your group? Have you any stories about current members who have said positive things about your group?

We think it is important for LGBTQI+ people to bond over things they are passionate about, whatever that may be. We are trying to bring back the community vibe as that seems to only come together during a tragedy. We see no reason why it needs to be this way, so we did something about it. People have responded well. We constantly get feedback from our members about how lovely the people are at our events.

Many have formed friendships they would never have made and credit us with giving them a place to make it happen, very much in line with what we hoped to achieve.

Saif: What type of person comes to this group?

We have every kind of person coming to our events. At any one event we have a wide variety of ages (18+) present. Our mission is to make people feel they are welcome, and we have elected event hosts who are designated to help by welcoming people and get them interacting with each other.

Saif: If the guys are cute, then I’m so there!

Ha, they are, but we do operate a safe space policy. No heavy petting allowed, unless it’s nintendogs or in private.

Saif: Oh you guys! I just have one final question. What’s your message to anyone who wants to join a group like yours but is a little nervous about joining a group?

DON’T BE NERVOUS. We want you to be with your people. You deserve that. We are a team and we need each other to make it.

Saif: Well, that’s an incredible message. I wish you all the best. I’m going to be polishing my Street Fighter play to take you guys on at your next event.

Bring it on!

Well, there you have it, beloved readers. We went out there and got you some answers straight from the experts.

It’s the rise of the gay super geek and who knows, I might just meet you at one of these events. I’ll probably be the annoyed one at the bar, vowing to take revenge and beat the veterans at their own games. Say hello! 

LDNGaymers meet-ups take place on the third Wednesday of every month at the Old School Yard, 111 Long Lane, London, SE1 4PH. For more information about LDNGaymers, visit

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