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What is The LGBT Fact Site?

The LGBT Fact Site is the home of health and life advice for LGBT people, published by HERO - The Health Equality and Rights Organisation. The LGBT Fact Site talks about sex, sexual health, mental health and relationships in a realistic and honest way, touching on many of the challenges of modern LGBT life, such as chems use, racism and HIV stigma. The LGBT Fact Site provides LGBT people with a platform to share their opinions and stories to empower the thousands of LGBT people who visit The LGBT Fact Site and read FS magazine each month.

What does your money do?

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FS magazine

The LGBT Fact Site publishes FS magazine - our bi-monthly health and life magazine for gay and bisexual men. We cover issues such as chemsex, mental health, relationships, sexual racism and HIV prevention in an open and honest way. Each issue of FS garners international attention and provides in-depth conversations from within the gay community about issues that gay and bisexual men face on a daily basis. FS magazine does this by:

1- Features: FS magazine produces an in-dept feature every two months. We look at topics such as sexual health, sex, HIV, mental health, alcohol and drugs, body image to name a few. To see some of our features click here

2 - Opinion pieces: FS magazine provides a platform for anyone, yes anyone, to submit an opinion piece or think piece about all things gay men's health and life. FS allows gay men, who would struggle to get their work published in the mainstream gay media, a chance to have their voices and valid opinions heard. To read some of these magnificent pieces, click here.

The LGBT Fact Site

True Life Stories: The LGBT Fact Site provides a space for people to share their life experiences. Whether that be living with HIV, dealing with an abusive partner, mental health, chemsex or coming out. Our writers appreciate a space to share their journeys in a hope to make a difference. To read some of these stories, click here

Fact-sheets: Need advice on coming out? Want some help with knowing the ins and outs of sex. Want to better your relationship? The LGBT Fact Site provides LGBT people with info about topics that affect their daily lives. To read some of these, click here.

Real talk: We believe that our users shouldn't be talked down to. The LGBT Fact Site provides articles that are very direct when it comes to sex, sexual health and LGBT life in general. We believe that when LGBT people can relate to what they read they are more likely to take in the advice and support provided. To read some of these frank articles, click here

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