Why we need to rethink HIV prevention

We’ve come so far in the terms of where we are in HIV prevention. We live in an age where the majority of gay and bisexual men living with HIV in the UK have the condition under control - 95% of people on treatment are undetectable.Read more

Are we 'Generation Bareback'?

Recent studies show an increase in unprotected sex amongst HIV-negative gay men. And in a world of treatment, undetectability and PrEP, is this the start of generation bareback?Read more

HIV prevention and the gay community

The numbers of gay men who are infected with HIV in the UK each year is not going down. Do we need to rethink HIV prevention? And is PrEP the answer?Read more

What is sex really like for a gay trans man?

Despite the wonderful diversity within our LGBTQ communities, it can sometimes feel like the ‘T’ is silent. Trans people are often left off the sexual health agenda, and even within community spaces, transphobia is rife.Read more

Telling my family I’m living with HIV is the best thing I’ve done

By the time I arrived at home I was an emotional and exhausted wreck. We had not long finished our dinner when I saw my younger brother who, sitting on the opposite side of the table, gave me a look as to say ‘go on, tell them’. It was then I proceeded to break down in tears as I told my parents I was HIV-positive.Read more

Grindr, chemsex and self-esteem

Recently, I was invited to contribute as a featured speaker to the Let’s Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs open-mic event at Ku Bar in Soho. The theme of the event was ‘control’, which was defined broadly to include all forms of control that we may or may not have over ourselves, others and the events that surround our lives. I decided to focus on self-control and approach this from the perspective of self-esteem and self-efficacy.Read more

The Ex-Factor

In a phenomenon that seems to be particular to the gay community, a lot of guys end up with a friend or two who they used to go out with. Some still go on holiday together. But how close a friend can your ex really be?Read more

How to survive a hate crime

The 11th of June, 2016, was a Saturday night like any other at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando. Last orders had been called at the bar as the crowd danced on to the final few songs. At the same time, Omar Mateen walked into the club with an assault rifle and opened fire. He killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in one of the most horrific LGBT hate crimes in history. You might want to think differently but violence towards the LGBT community is alive and well.Read more

How are you?

How are you? It’s a question you’ll often hear as you go about your day. The easy answer is “I’m fine.”Read more

I’m still in love with him – how getting over your ex is a journey

Getting over someone is hard. Trying to forgot about his mannerisms, the way he called you ‘babe’ or the way he spoke your name is easier said than done.Read more