Pretty Hurts

71% of those surveyed admitted they’re not happy with their body shape.Read more

Body image and the gay media

AND OUR SURVEY SAYS... We talk to the leading LGBT magazine editors about body image and the gay media.Read more

Hello my name is Tom. Fancy a date?

It’s not for the want of being single, but ever since being diagnosed HIV-positive, now nearly three years ago, my dating game has changed or completely disappeared to put it more accurately.Read more

Why HIV is a gay disease (kinda)

When GMFA put our ‘Think Again’ campaign posters up on bus shelters we got some kick back from people, mainly younger gay men, saying that we were portraying HIV as a gay disease. I take issue with that.Read more

My big gay sex problem #146

When it comes to sex and relationships there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are our answers to some of the things you asked us via the GMFA website.Read more

Chemsex is not a drug problem – it’s a sex problem

If you haven’t had sober sex in the last six months, it hardly makes you a raging drug addict. But intimate sexual connections form a very important part of our general well-being, and if we’re relying too heavily on chems to fulfil those needs, then there’s some kind of problem going on.Read more

Opinion: Do we love a bastard?

The problem is that we know that this guy is most definitely a tit. We don’t trust them, but we fancy them anyway.Read more

True Life: "My boyfriend raped me"

"My boyfriend just raped me" were the words I thought I’d never say, but it’s those exact words I had to mutter to my best friend down the phone one sobering morning.Read more

Dear 16 year old me

I’ve written this letter about a hundred times in my head over the years. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to visit my younger self, to tell you what life is going to be like.Read more