Party Boys - Drink, Drugs, Sex, Repeat...

Life can be tough in the 21st century. Whether you’re barely keeping it together on minimum wage, or flush with an obscene banker’s bonus, the working week can consist of long hours, monotony, anxiety, deadlines, intense stress, lack of appreciation or recognition from your boss… no wonder that many of us can’t wait for the weekend!Read more

Chemsex: it’s toxic…

“The stories I had heard, which I thought were myths, were very, very true”Read more

Cum and get it

Cum is an inevitable and unavoidable, and often welcome, consequence of sex – it comes hand-in-hand with getting off. Or mouth in mouth. Or all over your face. No matter what you do it’s going to come. Literally.Read more

HIV isn’t dirty, stigma is

Although the number of gay men living with HIV in the UK has only ever increased year on year, the number of gay men who believe that they know someone living with HIV has gone down.Read more

Famous for what?

You want to become famous? Top tip – ditch the singing coach for a gym pass, the acting lessons for pearly veneers and leave your morals at the door sweetie, because who really needs those if you’re going to make it big?Read more

How to have a threesome

Lots of couples decide to have threesomes to spice up their sex life together. It can be the beginning of a new stage in their sexual relationship or the end of the whole relationship. FS finds out how to know if three’s company or a crowd.Read more

"No Asians" - Isn’t it time to out gay diversity?

I’m a gay British Asian male barely within the ‘youth’ bracket and I have a history of scouring the internet for celebrity gossip and pictures of hot men.Read more

"Is Kristian HIV-positive?"

Of all the places you would think about having the “Yes, my boyfriend is HIV-positive” conversation, I’m betting my other half would tell you that doing it while sitting on the toilet is one of the weirdest.Read more

My big gay sex problem #144

When it comes to sex and relationships there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are our answers to some of the things you asked us via the GMFA website.Read more

Bareback porn

Risking everything to fulfil my sexual fantasies? Have you ever watched much vintage porn? ‘Vintage porn’ is a quaint sort of term used to describe porn that was made before everyone realised that condoms were the most effective way of preventing the transmission of HIV.Read more