Hard sex - exposed

It used to be that taking a cock up your arse or down your throat was in itself a non-standard thing to do – so if you tried it and liked it, who knows what else you might like?Read more

How bad is HIV really?

I’m HIV-positive. Does that mean I wake up every day in misery, suffer throughout the day before collapsing in bed at night? No. Does it mean I just pop a pill every night and never give it another thought? Well, no, not that either.Read more

Can’t get it in

When it comes to sex and relationships there is no such thing as a stupid question. Here are our answers to some of the things you asked us via the GMFA website.Read more

Sex, on (T)app, right now. Cum ‘n’ get it.

20 years ago, every gay Londoner traipsing across Hampstead Heath, or risking the dangers of cottaging would have only dreamed of the easy access sex available now through sites and apps like Grindr, Gaydar and BBRT.Read more

Insta-shaming - Is it only a bit of fun?

Over the last few months, the dating app Tinder has become a great source of entertainment for my straight friends with many an afternoon pub session spent huddled around a tiny screen; snap judgements steering the swipes alongside a brutal running commentary.Read more

Why isn’t my sex life more like the porn I watch?

Let me just put this out there – I really enjoy a good jack-off. It’s not compulsive in any way, I just enjoy a bit of ‘me-time’.Read more

OPINION - London fucks up gay men

Anyone who’s ever moved to London from elsewhere would agree that there’s nothing quite like the ‘big smoke’. It’s massive, it’s filled with opportunities, art, culture, beautiful architecture, music, history… the list goes on.Read more

Does the size of your penis matter?

We all care about penises. If we didn’t, this magazine wouldn’t exist for a start. When it comes to the subject of penis size however, opinion on how much this actually matters varies wildly from one cock-hungry homosexual to another.Read more

Who would I be without HIV?

In the last six months, it seems we don’t go a week without a new headline or article heralding the ‘dawn of a new era’ in HIV treatment.Read more

Gay men do it annually

Eight reasons why you should get off your arse and test for HIV.Read more