Bareback Britain - doing it raw

Bareback Britain may sound like a low-budget gay porn movie (indeed a quick online search reveals that it is a DVD from 2007, with the tagline “bum me bareback and I’ll drink your spunk, mate!”), but in reality there is a risk of it becoming a slogan for gay men.Read more

Equal marriage set to drive down HIV infections?

Can we seriously expect that when equal marriage comes into law, gays all over the UK will wake up the morning after the inevitable celebrations and skip to Vauxhall shouting “Society finally accepts me! I don’t have to bareback any more!”Read more

Coming out as HIV-positive

You’re proud to be gay, right? Maybe not every hour of every day, but when you’re in the midst of some LGBT Pride event and there are lesbian and gay soldiers, sailors, families, policemen and women, bankers, shop assistants, celebrities, politicos all joining together – that’s a great feeling.Read more

When did you last have sober sex?

A question that can stop too many gay men in their tracks these days. In fact it’s become the most commonly asked question by workers in London’s sexual health clinics.Read more

Check your balls, lads (NSFW)

Testicular cancer is on the rise and it’s recommended that you give yourself a good once-over every month. This is not only to check if something’s wrong, but also so you get used to the shape and feel of your balls and sack so that you’ll notice if something changes.Read more