Alcohol and drugs support

Alcohol and drug support services for LGBT peopleRead more

How to survive without poppers

I asked ‘Gay Twitter’ whether ‘will you miss poppers if/when they are banned?’ Of the 272 gay men who voted, 53% said no and 47% said yes.Read more

I am gay sexual liberation...

We are lucky. We’ve got it all. We fought through centuries of sex in the shadows, criminalisation, the blackmailing years. We avoided the fates of Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and countless other anonymous victims of societal homophobia. Lest we forget.Read more

"We just don’t give a toss about our health when the right high is kicking in"

The number of gay guys using chems who catch HIV daily (yes, daily) in London is certainly worrying, but what’s even more worrying is that we’re still misunderstanding the basics of how to avoid catching HIV when having sex.Read more

Let's Debate: chemsex

It seems we can’t go a week without an article citing just how fucked up the gay community is and that we’re all crystal meth heads who are fucking 100 guys a night in some stranger’s living room.Read more

Tina, meph and G: the gay man’s crack and heroin?

So now it’s 2015, and we’ve upgraded our equality laws, our technology… and we’ve upgraded our drugs.Read more

Chemsex is not a drug problem – it’s a sex problem

If you haven’t had sober sex in the last six months, it hardly makes you a raging drug addict. But intimate sexual connections form a very important part of our general well-being, and if we’re relying too heavily on chems to fulfil those needs, then there’s some kind of problem going on.Read more

Chill-outs versus chemsex – same thing, different stigma?

It’s just chems, chems and more chems, right?Read more

Is alcohol a gateway drug to chemsex?

Warren came out at age 18. It was a good time for him – exploring the Soho gay bars with mates, having a few drinks, some clumsy drunken sexual encounters, mostly good times. Not so lucky with relationships, but lots of awesome one-night-stands. Plenty of hangovers sure, but that’s being young and single.Read more

Would you let your sister do chemsex?

I think if my little sister was having sex with dozens of men a month, and using drugs most of those times, I’d say yeah; little sis, you have a chemsex problem.Read more